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The Backstreet Noise Project:
They Think This Is Us
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9th-Jan-2010 01:33 am - AJ's Birthday...
AJ's birthday? 

BN has you covered! 

We'll be updating tonight, and in honor of AJ's birthday, we're test running a whole NEW format for this article. 

You've got to see this.

Other updates will be going live at the same time, so stop by and show us some love.

29th-Dec-2009 12:27 am - New Site!
The new site will be live 9 PM EST, 12/29! 

You'll find it in the same spot, but we have a brand new look, new content hidden throughout the site, and we aren't making you hunt for any code this time!

The entry link will not be live until 9 PM EST, so remember to stop by then!

Looking forward to new laughs with you in 2010!
21st-Dec-2009 06:26 pm(no subject)
We're moving hosts, and word is that TONIGHT, there will be a link to the NEW site hidden on our current site.

Find it, and tonight it may just be enabled to allow you into a limited sneak peek, including the new holiday content....

KTBSBPA!   ; )
6th-Dec-2009 05:55 pm - Update!
Aliens abductions, Jr. BSB letters, and Christmas carols, oh my!

Oh yes, our update is live!

Lady V wanders into the land of fan fic with Nick's alien abduction, Sam writes to YOU, and Dianne kicks off our holiday content with a carol sneak peek!

Coming soon:
Backstreet Boys get their stockings from the BN girls--who got coal?
More Christmas carols--the better for you to annoy your loved ones with!
Nick has A Charlie Brown Christmas...wonder if he tries to decorate his poor tree with Wii's....
The Naughty and Nice list--we're kissing and dissing!
What happens when BSB decorates a tree? We bet Howie gets hit with something.

To be continued....
24th-Nov-2009 10:14 pm - Updates
New content live tonight: The "Beautiful Lie" photoshoot in Random Noise!

And stay tuned for more BSB Gets Glee-ful, and video reviews!

Rumor is, we have more Jr. BSB on the way too...!

Hope you're all enjoying the site; stop by the chat section and let us know what you think.
13th-Nov-2009 08:51 pm - Site Open!



Yes, it's true...we mean it. We have an official site! Come visit us for new content, because we're open as of...NOW!

13th-Nov-2009 12:04 am(no subject)
Noisy news:

On Friday the 13th, the site will be official!

We'll be officially posting the link in the evening--we know you're clever enough to find it, but you must resist!--and here's what's coming at you!

*BSB soundcheck: Dianne helps that boys out with what to do if you forget those annoying things they put in songs...you're supposed to sing them...wait, I've almost got it...they're kinda musical, most of the time...oh! Lyrics!

*The "Bigger" dual review: Lady V and Beth take on the "Bigger" video together in matching reviews!

*Backstreet Blacked Out: Our very own Bianca will be considering what would happen in the Boys had been stuck in the recent Brazilian blackout...keep AJ away from the wiring!

Also coming soon:
*Tour Videos in 15 Minutes
*The Backstreet Guide to Table Manners
*Dear Nick: Were Now or Never Really the Only Choices?

10th-Nov-2009 11:19 pm - News News News!


After nine hours of work, I'm proud to say we have an official site. Yay!

Final touches are being put on the site (ie, I'm running around cussing under my breath about fonts that won't match), so I'm not going to link it here, but it will be linked shortly.

Since we're moving, posting to this site will be disabled for writers as of Friday--this is to make sure our new content goes on the new site!
Writers, from now on you can e-mail me content, and it will be posted to the new location. This takes effect immediately: feel free to post a farewell to the lj post here, but send me anything else. 

Fees to upkeep the site are minimal, but the initial start-up fees are not, so if you'd like to donate to the site, please post here or e-mail me. I'll be sure to let you know when the fees are covered so we don't go over. 

Also, if you have a site and would like to affiliate with us, please get in touch! We'd love site friends!

Okay, I've been staring at the screen for hours now without a break, I've demoed a bag of triple chocolate M&Ms, and my laptop is hot enough to cook an egg. Enough for today!

Debate below, and KTBSBPA!
Due to technical difficulties--like that I wasn't anywhere near a computer at the time, la la la--Dear BSB is sorry it's running Backstreet Time. But it's here now, never fear! And the Boys would like to say...

(photo credit to kaos-online.com)

"How YOU doin'?"

Well guys, we have another letter for you, actually....

(and Sofdlovesbsb, this one be for you!)

Dear BSB:

Do you know after all these years, I still have to count the letters in “Millennium” to make sure I have enough? If I had to reference it as often as you do, I’d call it “that album from 1999.”

Now I know you’re probably disappointed I skipped right over the wonder that was Chapter One, but um, no one else is. Here’s why:
*We had everything but “Drowning” already—we are the fans who recognize the back of your head at fifty feet, after all.
*”Drowning” itself was confusing. Kevin and Nick said it was “I Want It That Way”, “Show Me the Meaning”, and Lone Star’s “Amazed” all mixed together with a “Quit Playin’ Games” video. So we got excited. Then you filmed the video, and the pics leaked. So we got more excited. Then you scrapped the video, and we thought, “Wow, they thought of something BETTER than walking around in the rain in doilies and black leather?!” and we were excited. Then you released the video, and we were just confused.

So I don’t count it as an album. Actually, I don’t even own it; I have the “Drowning” single with the pretty cover. I’ll save that for a “singles” post.

But “Millennium,” now THAT was an album. BSB mania was at its height, everyone knew the songs, made the posters, screamed at the Sears commercial, voted on TRL, and had to learn to spell "Millennium" a year early....

Dear BSB Can You Spell MillenniumCollapse )


I know it’s a dream for thousands...and it happened to me.  It happened early one chilly morning, August 14, 2007 to be precise.  One Nickolas Gene Carter was at a radio station with Howie, doing an Unbreakable interview.  Now mind you, not very many things in this life can turn me instantly into a 12 year old pre-puberty teenie like just the sight of Nick can do.  But yes, there I was, all alone, and seen him walking down the stairs.  At this point I became aware of the little voice ringing in my head.  “There he is!!” it said to me.  I think I even answered, aloud, with “I know!!”.  If anyone gave me weird look, I wouldn’t have had a clue...after all, Nick Freakin CARTER was like 20 feet away from me at this point..does anything around you but him really exist when this happens? No? I didn’t think so.  But anyways, he comes out of the building and every girl there, about 20-25 of us, rush the poor man.  Poor Howie gets NO love...I still love you tho Howie!!  Ok..off track again, but anyways, I calmly wait my turn and its finally arrived.  I ask him to sign my comic book..he does...I stood there just gawkin at the beauty of the man when I finally found my voice again I had asked for a hug.  The answer was like music to my ears...”sure sweetie” he says to me.  Fine Nick, KILL me before I get the damn hug from you..I think to myself.  It was then the other voice inside my head really awakened...
Evil Jen: OOOOOO will ya just LOOK at that hottie!!
Good Jen: Yes, he’s very handsome indeed!
Evil Jen: See what I did for you? I got you to ask for a hug! And here it comes!
Good Jen: I knowwww! Omg! What do I do? What do I doooo??
Evil Jen: Reach back and pinch his ass!!
Good Jen: No!! I could NEVER do that!
Evil Jen: You are SUCH a goodie goodie two shoes!  
Good Jen: Shut UP you!  OMG! He’s hugging me!!!!
Evil Jen: NOW!! NOW!! Pinch the ass! Pinch the ass!!!
*pause cuz both Jens are in pure, blissful heaven right now.....
Good Jen: Ok..time to let go of the tall, cute blond guy now....
Evil Jen: NOOOOOO!!!  Can’t we take him home!?!  
Good Jen: I wish we could, but no, he has to go on and make beautiful music with the rest of the boys for us to enjoy.
Evil Jen: NOOOOOO!!!  He’s miiiiiiiiiine!! Let’s just drag him back to the car and take him home..no one will notice!!
Good Jen: Ok..doooooooown girl..step away from the Backstreet boy.  
Evil Jen: Coward! The man had his loooong, lanky, warm, hard, sweet bod pressed up against you and all you do is STAND there?! WTF!!?!?!
Good Jen: *sigh*
So, with that, my advice to all you that ever have the very fortunate experience of getting a hug from your favorite BSB, watch out!!! That evil twin is lurkin about in your head somewhere and she will try to get you in trouble, or hell, even arrested! So beware! Don’t listen! Resist! Resist! Resist the urge to listen to her, cuz by damned, you will want to!  
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